Date: 11/27/08

Office Closed for the Thanks-giving holiday (November 27).

Date: 10/29/08

Free stamps promotions ends. Watch out for the next promo.

Mailbox Rentals

Our mail boxes come in 3 sizes and are perfect for your personal or small business.

Computer Solutions

  • Free Diagnostics
  • Virus/Spyware Clean up
  • Affordable New & Used Computers
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Custom built Laptops

Here at Globosa Business Services, we offer an array of Western union services. Customers can come in and send money to practically anywhere in the world, make bill payments or purchase a money order. For the customer's convenience, money transfers can be paid with cash or with a debit card.

Do you have family overseas or across the country who need you to quickly send them money? Western Union Money Transfer allows you to have the money sent to your love ones instantly or arrive there the next day if you prefered.

Do you have bills you need to pay off? Electric bill, phone bill, cable bill, etc..? What ever the case may be, Western Union Bill payment makes it easy for you to quickly pay off your bills.

Need a money order? Western Union can help with that. You can purchase money orders instantly without hassle and at an affordable rate with Western Union.